The Best Personal Finance Blogs In 2020

Personal finance is an insanely popular topic to blog about. The best blogs offer real actionable advice to grow your wealth, increase your income, and save you money. More importantly, they give you a sense of community and remind you that you’re not alone when it comes to taking control of your finances.

However, when searching to improve your financial life, it’s easy to be quickly overwhelmed by the plethora of blogs out there. We separate the wheat from the chaff with five of the best voices and most unique perspectives in personal finance.

Mr. Money Mustache

Peter Adeney, more popularly known as Mr. Money Mustache, started in 2011, is perhaps the most influential blogger in the financial independence / retire early (“FIRE”) community. In fact, the entire FIRE movement has surged in popularity thanks, in no small part, to his tireless efforts to proselytize the gospel of “Mustachianism.” You might not agree with his methods, or that the only way to get rich is by spending WAY less money than you make, but his posts are always insightful.

Best place to start: Getting Rich: from Zero to Hero in One Blog Post

Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen, the pseudonymous writer and mastermind behind Financial Samurai, started his blog in 2009. He has a unique perspective on financial independence, stemming from his past career in finance and the challenges of retiring early in San Francisco. His blog has an enormous archive of tactical advice, ranks the best passive income investments, and offers a refreshingly high net worth (HNW) alternative to the extreme frugality often espoused in the personal finance community.

Best place to start: The Best Way To Get Rich: Turn Funny Money Into Real Assets

Budgets Are Sexy

The “bad boy” of personal finance, J. Money started his blog, Budgets Are Sexy, in 2008. He used this blog to track his net worth and reached over $1 million in eleven years. More recently, he’s been joined by Joel who’s continuing the journey. Budgets are Sexy offers a wealth of knowledge in its archives and practical advice if you’re just getting started on the road to financial independence.

Best place to start: My Net Worth

Millennial Money

Grant Sabatier started his blog, Millennial Money, in 2015 and quickly vaulted from zero to millionaire status in just five years. Unemployed, living at home with his parents, and with barely $2 in his bank account, the story of his astonishingly rapid rise has been featured in numerous publications and shared across blogs, podcasts, and television. How did he do it?

Best place to start: The Millennial Millionaire Strategy

Wall Street Playboys

This anonymous group of independent-minded authors, with an interesting masthead, started their blog in 2012. Although it’s not strictly about personal finance, they offer plenty of thought-provoking advice on how to get rich, in-depth Q&As, and recommendations to build an online business, learn sales, and upgrade your life. You won’t find this kind of advice anywhere else on the web.

Best place to start: $1 Million, 10 Years, Zero Excuses

There are thousands of personal finance blogs out there, but these five stand out as the best and most original in 2020.