Introducing Fion

How do you track your spending?

Do you know how much you spent in the last month? What about last year?

How much have you spent on food delivery in the past five months? Online shopping?

Can you find a transaction you made three months ago without having to look through a bank statement?

Fion answers all these questions and more. We’re building a new personal finance app that lets you track your spending effortlessly and puts your entire financial life in one place.

What is Fion?

Fion is your entire financial life, instantly searchable, available wherever you are.

Everything in Fion is automatic. You simply add your accounts to the app, and we handle the rest, automatically pulling in new information as transactions post, checks deposit, and bills are paid. No manual data entry is ever required.

Fion does this by tracking your bank accounts and credit card transactions in real time, so you can see exactly how much money you’re spending. With Fion, you see how much you spend on travel, dining, online shopping, bills, utilities, and other categories. You can dive right into a particular spending category and see how much you spend on restaurants vs. food delivery, and you can search all your transactions with a specific vendor. All of this information is organized and categorized automatically.

Fion offers personalized recommendations, exclusive deals, and insights based on your spending patterns and financial information and powered by AI and machine learning. We don’t sell ads and we’ll never sell your data.

How does Fion work?

Fion exclusively uses read-only access to connect with your banks and financial instituions. We never see or store your bank login credentials. Fion never makes any changes or charges to your accounts.

How much does Fion cost?

Fion is free. We believe spending intelligently is the first step to achieving financial independence.

Join us. Sign up now for early access to Fion and get a first look at the future of personal finance.