Truly Personal Finance

There are plenty of banking tools that can get you a list of your transactions.

There are decent budgeting apps with affordable monthly subscriptions.

Fion is something different: truly personal finance. Fion shows you how much money you’re spending, for free, without making you adhere to a strict budgeting methodology.

What does this mean for you?

You don’t need to follow a budget or track every dollar you spend.

You need instant answers when you have questions about your finances. We understand that you don’t want to spend all day navigating a complex budget or labelling and categorizing transactions.

Too many apps require you to change your spending habits, create a detailed budget, and specify your financial goals before offering any insight. Instead of working for you, these apps make you work for them.

Fion takes a different approach and focuses on getting you the answers to your financial questions as fast as possible. This starts with a powerful financial search engine. Was your most recent power bill unusually high? How has your spending on food changed over the past year? We believe that instant answers to these questions are the core of truly personal finance.

Fion is refreshingly simple. Every transaction is automatically categorized and indexed. Fion gives you a complete view of your financial landscape without having to remember which card you used or sifting through downloaded monthly statements.

Fion is powerful search that’s built to give you instant answers to your financial questions. But there’s more to truly personal finance.

Your data belongs to you.

We don’t share your personal information with third parties. We don’t sell your data.

A lot of free personal finance apps make money by selling your data or trying to sell you something you don’t need. It’s likely your bank is already sharing your transaction history and credit information with data brokers and non-affiliated third parties for marketing purposes.

Searching all your transactions is effortless.

Fion is free, fast, and beautifully designed. Search for an individual purchase, no matter when you made it. Review your entire spending history at a glance.

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